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Thanks for stopping by! I have tried to create an "about me" several times...hard to talk about myself here but easy in a blog post? I know, I am totally quirky. I even thought after typing, deleting, typing again and then deleting, "do they really care to hear that I am a 39 yr old wife, mother of 2, hairsylist, scrapbooker, writer (obviously), roller blader, walker, furniture repurposer and so on and so forth?" I do (as I said in my title) wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes I am PAINFULLY HONEST. Can be a good trait and can be bad at times. Just ask my mom. I guess a good way to describe that would be a straight shooter? I love taking pictures, meditation and yoga fascinate me. What kind of music do I like? ALL MUSIC! That's really all I have for now. Thanks again for taking the time out of your most likely very busy day or night and reading my blog. I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. I promise if it's constructive criticism, I will put my big girl panties on :O)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Never say Never" from a previous entry Feb 12th, 2011

Tonight, my daughter and I went to go see Justin Beiber’s “Never say Never” documentary on the big screen…in 3-D. I’ll start by saying I didn’t care for the kid when he first came out. I NEVER thought I would like him myself. I thought he had no talent (I literally rolled my eyes and said to myself “another force fed teen idol”) and I heard rumors about his tantrums and attitude in public, from gossip mags of course. I must say I stand so severely corrected, I was incredibly moved by this documentary, so much so that I found myself crying through 75% of it. His mom was a young single mother, her parents helped raise Justin and they are a very spiritual, super supportive, tight knit family. I learned that he is actually extremely gifted and from a very young age had this natural musical talent and a way about him that is just mesmerizing. He also did not take no for an answer, he kept plugging away eventually achieving his dream at the age of like 15! It made me think of my own kids and their dreams. I am 18 yrs into this parenting thing and with my first born, I feel like there just wasn’t enough time. I “NEVER” thought I would be here, 4 months away from my son’s high school graduation and on to pursuing his ultimate dream of becoming a big time soccer player. I cherished tonight, sitting next to my daughter (although she sat so far on the other side of the chair, closer to her friend but that’s ok) and I thought to myself, only 6 more years and I will be once again thinking where did all the time go?
I also thought about all the “Nevers” in our lives. People said we would never make it as husband and wife and here we are 2 months from celebrating our 19th year. I thought I would never make it through a 17 month deployment but I did…all while raising two kids, volunteering at school, making a walkway in the backyard through the grass and (with the help of friends and family) building a play house for my daughter. My eye twitched nearly the whole time that he was gone mind you, but I made it! I never thought I could make it through beauty school, I thought I wasn’t smart enough or that I didn’t have it in me. There I was every Friday, exam day, receiving 98% on nearly every one I took! When I didn’t score nearly 100%, I studied harder for the next one. Amazing coming from someone that took every chance she had to cut class in high school!
So basically the moral of the movie is to “Never say Never” which I am sure you figured that out by now. Never say you can’t be who you wanna be, love who you wanna love, achieve what you want to achieve. And NEVER, EVER, until you have a pre-teen of your very own, say you’ll never fall in love with the latest teen idol sensation…cuz you just NEVER know!

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